The beginning

Kim started reading tarot cards at 12 years old and was no stranger to spirits. In 2018 it evolved into KCMoon where she started doing this full time as a small 1-person tarot reading business.

Although she loved helping people, she could only guide people so far and during the second lockdown she felt that self-care was missing in so many people’s lives. Around her, many of her friends and family were suffering from mental health issues, skin conditions and illness which were depleting their joy from everyday life.

Kim was familiar with essential oils & herbs, knowing their many benefits for the mind, body and spirit. She felt frustrated when she read the ingredient lists of products as there was a lack of eco natural organic bath and body products available, so she started created her own.

After a few months of testing her products and seeing a massive improvement on her partner Ian’s skin conditions (eczema & psoriasis), he joined forces with Kim to help others like him (who must be careful on the products they he uses).


Thus, KCMoon bath and body was born. Ian is the ‘admin’ business/tec and accountant head and Kim is the visionary creator. Together they saw quickly that their products helped make a positive impact on the lives of others but also without creating a carbon footprint.

Months were spent testing and improving recipes to find the best essential oil & herbal combinations as well as being safe for sensitive skin.

After 6 months Lauren was approached by Kim. Lauren gave her time, commitment, and passion to the KCMoon from the start and quickly joined the team. She is a valuable member of the family. Lauren struggles with anxiety so being challenged creatively and keeping active has really helped her flourish and grow.

We are a strange kettle of fish. All having different life experiences, charismatic quirks but one thing is certain we all throw our love, body and soul into KCMoon and we want you to enjoy the products as much as we do.

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